A video showing a man being buried alive allegedly by Syrian soldiers has gone viral after it was posted on YouTube Wednesday.

The 59 seconds video shows an Arabic-speaking man being buried alive by Arabic-speaking soldiers.

The man is allegedly a member of the Syrian opposition and the soldiers burying him are apparently a part of troops loyal to Syrian leader Bashar Assad. The gruesome execution apparently took place in Homs City.

The disturbing video has a man buried up to his neck and while the man recites verses from the Quran, the soldiers put mud on his head, the only exposed part of his body, using a shovel.

The authenticity of the video is not yet confirmed. It was published by the Turkish Internet site Takvimhaber.com under the title Assad's soldiers buried him alive.

According to the site, this is just one of the examples of how the people who are not loyal to Assad's regime end up.

Some Middle Eastern media organizations claim that the video could be a hoax, planned to exaggerate Syria's crackdown on opposition to justify military intervention by the international community, according to digitaljournal.com.

The video has drawn mixed reactions from people who have watched it on YouTube. Some of the contradicting comments by public is as follows:

This is a propaganda of the terrorists .it is not Assads' men wearing those uniforms.the sound is? also fake.Dont believe those f***ing terrorsts. They are NATO mercenaries.

It says the man was trying to record a video of Bashars forces to send to media outlets.? thats contradictory as theyre being recorded. propaganda by terrorists who have evidently worn military uniform to pose as them. just saying

I dont? care about wtf is hapening in that country but this video shows that the government deserves to be nuked and bombed by the U.S. with no mercy , just like Japan , then they will start making CARS , LCDs , Computers and Asahi beer ..

Watch the video below (Warning: Contents of the Video are Extremely Disturbing Not Suitable For All Audiences)