A video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack cocaine is up for sale, various news sites are reporting. The men who are responsible for recording the mayor have reached out to several news organizations, including Gawker, but they're reportedly looking for six figures before agreeing to sell the tape.

The Toronto Star said the cellphone video shows a man who appears to be Ford in a well-lit room sitting in a chair, wearing a white shirt with the top buttons open and inhaling from what looks like a glass pipe. The mayor was supposedly incoherent in the iPhone-captured video, talking with an off-camera speaker about Canadian Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and the Don Bosco high school football team Ford coaches.

“I’m f---ing right-wing,” the man who seems to be Ford mutters at one point, according to the Toronto Star. “Everyone expects me to be right-wing. I’m …” he said, before his voice trails off. The Star also reported that he called Trudeau a “fag” and when he is asked about the Don Bosco football team he seems to have muttered, “they are just f---ing minorities.”

Though there is no way to verify the video, both Gawker and Toronto Star have written similar accounts of what Ford said and the way the tipsters are acting when showing reporters the footage, refusing to let anyone hold the phone. Gawker added that a Canadian news agency offered to pay the tipsters $40,000 for the video, but the informants are looking for much more.

Dennis Morris, a man claiming to be Ford’s lawyer, dismissed the video in an email to Gawker that reportedly came from a Hotmail.com account. Here’s what Miller wrote to Gawker:

"Greetings;I am a lawyer,and have been contacted by Mayor Ford's office in reference to your indicating you will post a photo of Mayor Ford smoking crack cocaine. Mayor Ford denies such took place,and if such posting occurs,it is false and defamatory,and you will be held legally accountable.In reference to the photo,you wish to publish, Mayor Ford has his photo taken daily,sometimes with others. If the person you mention is now deceased,it is sad,regardless of his alleged background.

"Please govern yourself accordingly.

"Dennis Morris."