rampage jackson
UFC fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has caught the ire of women's groups, that have called his behavior sexist and misogynistic. Reuters

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has come under fire with women’s groups for his treatment of female reporters and his appearance in a controversial, satirical video that demonstrates how to rape a woman.

UFC received a letter from a consortium of women’s groups Thursday that called for Jackson’s removal from Saturday’s UFC event that will be broadcast live by FOX. The letter also called for FOX, and UFC's sponosors to take action.

Jackson, 34, is scheduled to face Brazil’s Glover Teixeira, and hasn’t won a match since 2011.

“Jackson is a well-known UFC fighter who has repeatedly denigrated women. Last year, he even posted an internet video in which he makes light of sexual assault by pretending to attempt to rape a woman in a parking garage,” the letter states.

The petition also calls out UFC and President Dana White's failure to allow Abel Trujillo to fight last December, despite his guilty pleas in domestic abuse cases.

"Offensive and irresponsible behavior doesn’t end with the fighters. UFC President Dana White sets a despicable tone for fighters to follow. White has used foul and abusive language, especially derogatory to women, to users on Twitter, female journalists, and even to UFC fighters."

Jackson’s video can be found below, but it does contain graphic language and material, and should be viewed only at the reader’s discretion.