Wal-Mart is getting rid of its well known tag line, and replacing it with a new one today as it moves ahead with new advertising after a tough year where the retailer's profit dipped.

The new campaign from the Bentonville, Arkansas-based company features the slogan Save Money. Live Better. Gone is the previous one - Always Low Prices. Always.

The new advertising shows ...how we're working hard to save people money so they can live better, said Wal-Mart's marketing chief Stephen Quinn.

The company had recently attempted to introduce more upscale products to attract customers with more discretionary income but met with poor sales results.

Where previous ad campaigns featured a bright yellow smiley face flying around a store reducing prices, a pair of new commercials featured on the company's site created by The Martin Agency intend to show what people can do with their savings.

The Richmond, Virginia-based ad agency won part of a $580 million account from Wal-Mart in January. It is also responsible for Geico's cavemen ads.

One commercial shows a father taking his son to buy a used car. Another shows a family taking a vacation. They invite viewers to visit the store's website. Once there, viewers can submit their savings testimonials.

Wal-Mart says those ads, along with others, will be featured on new network shows this fall, specials and cable.

The ads also feature the results of a study from researcher Global Insight released by Wal-Mart which found that the retailer saves U.S. families about $2,500 per year, up from $2,329 in 2004.