A McDonald's sign
Representation. The sign of a McDonald's restaurant. KelvinStuttard/Pixabay


  • The McDonald's branch in Welshpool, Wales, might be the best in the world
  • It serves sandwiches with truffle-fragrant mayonnaise, among other specialties
  • The branch has also received praise from reviewers online

The best McDonald's branch in the world may be located in the United Kingdom.

"Everybody I speak to says this is, by far, the best McDonald's in the world," British chef Gareth Ward said of the fast-food chain's two-year-old Welshpool, Wales branch.

The branch located at Enterprise Park in Buttington Cross may even be the second-best restaurant in the country, only after Ward's award-winning Ynyshir.

In addition to serving McDonald's signature Big Macs, the Welshpool franchise also features sandwiches with truffle-fragrant mayonnaise and Cadbury chocolate-filled soft serve, the New York Post reported.

"I'm telling you now, Welshpool McDonald's is on a different level. It's just got different [elements] to everyone else. [It's] just absolutely smashing it," Ward, the head chef and co-owner of Ynyshir, which has been awarded two Michelin stars, said.

"Welshpool McDonald's that's what it's all about," he told WalesOnline.

The branch that opened in May of 2021 has also received praise from people online.

"This one is different," said one reviewer who claimed the restaurant's staff members were "polite," the service "quick" and the food "fresh."

McDonald's Denmark offered a high-end burger in 2021 that ended up selling out in a few weeks due to its overwhelming popularity.

The Homestyle Bearnaise, a creation of English chef Paul Cunningham, whose two restaurants each received Michelin stars, consisted of a beef patty layered with Béarnaise sauce, potato sticks, smoked onion puree, roasted onions, lettuce and cheddar cheese — served atop a brioche bun.

Cunningham's collaboration with McDonald's drew controversy in culinary circles, with acclaimed Denmark-based chef Christian Puglisi calling it a "betrayal of values."

"You cannot participate in symposiums, you cannot talk about quality produce, you cannot discuss and try to communicate cooking culture, traditional dishes and homey cooking on one hand and on the other hand be an advocate for the worst garbage that is produced and called food at the same time," Puglisi said in a 9-minute video he uploaded on his Instagram account in February 2021.

"McDonald's is no good. It is common knowledge to all of us that what they do is unhealthy, it's hollowing out any kind of cooking culture and it is a fast-food chain that is spending millions of dollars to lure in children with plastic toys to sell them garbage," he added.

A burger
Representation. A fast-food burger. LordLucas/Pixabay