McDonald's McRib is coming back for a "Farewell Tour" this fall after last being served in 2021.

The McRib will return to restaurants nationwide Oct. 31 for a limited time. The marketing campaign has been dubbed the "McRib Farewell Tour," but it is unclear whether the fast-food chain plans to retire the menu item permanently.

Since the debut of the McRib in 1981, the sandwich has been discontinued and resurfaced on the McDonald's menu over the years.

During the newly announced "McRib Farewell Tour," the sandwich will be available on the McDonald's app for delivery or pick up until Nov. 20 at participating restaurants.

"Get one while you can because this is the McRib Farewell Tour," McDonald's marketing material states. "Enjoy our famous pork sandwich as if it's your last!"

The McRib is made up of seasoned boneless pork covered in a BBQ sauce, topped with dill pickles and slivered onions on a toasted homestyle bun.

The sandwich has gained popularity over the years despite initially flopping when it was introduced in 1981, struggling to compete with McDonald's Chicken McNuggets introduced three years earlier.

The McRib was last on McDonald's menu in September 2021 in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the sandwich.

"In the 80s, the masterminds behind McDonald's food innovation had a truly unique idea: an undeniably delicious sandwich that could be enjoyed during the colder seasons," Mike Bullington, senior archives manager at McDonald's, said in a press release at the time.

"Whether you're a McRib loyalist or first timer, there is no denying that the McRib is one of the most iconic sandwiches of the last four decades, and we have thousands of emails and tweets from fans to prove it."

Although it appears the 2022 announcement could be the McRib's final appearance on the McDonald's menu, the sandwich has a history of returning to restaurants despite previous "farewell" tours.

A McDonalds' McRib sandwich, Nov. 2, 2010. Getty Images