Walnut Walnut

Walnut's latest product launch, Walnut Beyond Demos, is a perfect example of why the company is one of the market leaders in the sales enablement industry, as it perfectly addresses many of the long-standing issues prevalent within the B2B buying journey.

Just a few months ago, Walnut launched the #WeAreProspects campaign, which was created to help shine the light on the painful gap that exists between SaaS buyers' needs and the current sales processes - especially when compared to B2C industries.

For too long, prospects have been forced to endure excruciatingly long sales cycles that are more concerned with facilitating the sales rep's performance rather than tending to the wants and needs of the buyer. Worst of all, the majority of B2B sales journeys are productless (at least in the early stages), with prospects being made to wait before they can get a true feel for the product.

"When exploring to buy SaaS products, you don't know what the product value is until around the tenth meeting. You often speak to tons of pre-sales, SDRs, and AEs, and then get a generic demo like any other prospect. There's a revolution going on right now where the people have had enough: they want B2B sales to be as comfortable, modern, and personalized as B2C sales," said Yoav Vilner, CEO of Walnut

Walnut Beyond Demos: Why more data is the answer

It's no secret that data and sales go hand-in-hand. In fact, data is one of the most important tools that sales reps have at their disposal when it comes to understanding their prospects, tailoring their pitch, and closing more deals.

Of course, this has been one of the main selling points of Walnut's flagship product, the Sales Experience Platform, for quite some time. However, with the launch of Beyond Demos, Walnut is taking things to the next level by giving sales reps even more data than ever before.

With Beyond Demos, customer-facing teams will gain access to never before seen data that will help them to make more informed decisions right throughout the sales process - from initial contact all the way to close. Armed with this information, reps can shorten sales cycles and simplify the buying journey, which will result in better outcomes for both the prospect and the company.

On-demo communication

One of the standout features of Walnut Beyond Demos is the ability to directly communicate with prospects inside the product demo itself. Similarly to Google Doc's comment function, this feature enables sales reps to provide respond to prospect questions and concerns as they navigate through the product demo.

In turn, this gives prospects the opportunity to learn more about the specific features and functionality that they are interested in, without having to wait for a follow-up call or meeting. Furthermore, sales teams have the chance to overcome objections in real time as they can further personalize each demonstration according to the specific needs of each prospect.

Automatic demo scores

Walnut Beyond Demos gives reps automated feedback on the overall quality of their demo thanks to the platform's new scoring algorithm. With this information, reps can instantly see which areas they need to focus on in order to improve their demos and deliver more value to prospects.

Analyze buyer demo flows

Beyond Demos gives reps a deeper understanding of how buyers move through their software. The platform collects data from each prospect engagement such as the number of interactions, time spent on each page, and what features prospects click on most.

Walnut Beyond Demos will then give the rep access to a visual flow how through their demo, which can give them clues into the areas of the demo that are working well and which might require further attention. The platform combines data from all demo interactions in one place, across all users and sessions.

CRM & Data consolidation

Of course, more data is not always better - especially if it's spread out across different systems and platforms. If data is hard to access and make sense of, reps are going to have a hard time generating any real insights that can help them to improve their sales process.

To address this issue, Beyond Demos uses Walnut's native integration with CRM systems such as Hubspot and Salesforce to aggregate all the data collected throughout its rich feature list into existing workflows.

This provides sales professionals with a single source of truth for their data, making it simple for them to track progress and measure outcomes. This data aggregation also gives sales agents a 360-degree perspective of their prospects in one place, allowing them to make more informed decisions about how to advance with each sales interaction.

Final word

The launch of Walnut's Beyond Demos product is a huge step forward for sales reps in the B2B industry. The platform provides sales teams with an arsenal of data that will help them to shorten sales cycles, simplify the sales process, and overcome objections in real time.

Additionally, the data collected by Beyond Demos is readily accessible and easy to make sense of, thanks to the platform's native integration with CRM systems. With all of this valuable data at their fingertips, sales reps can focus on what they do best - building relationships with their prospects and closing more deals.