The Golden State Warriors have a slim 0.8% chance of winning the 2011 NBA Draft Lottery tonight in New Jersey.  If Warriors owner and lottery representative Joe Lacob is counting, that's better odds than he will get in the California Lottery.

The last time the Warriors won the lottery was in 1995, when they notoriously drafted power forward bust Joe Smith, who left after two years and journeyed around the NBA before being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in January. 

If the Warriors don't win the lottery, their 11th worst record in the league will still give them a 2.9% chance of moving into the top three places in the draft which will occur on June 23. 

If the Warriors do get one of the top three picks, they have a shot of drafting Arizona sophomore forward Derrick Williams, Duke freshman point guard Kyrie Irving, or Kentucky freshman forward Enes Kante.

If the Warriors don't get one of the top spots, then the Warriors will stay at Number 11.  The elevnth will have several options including Kansas junior forwards Marcus and Markief Morris, Colorado sophomore guard Alec Burks, or Lithuanian 7-foot big men Jonas Valanciunas or Donatas Motiejunas.

Tonight's draft lottery could possibly be a franchise-changing night for the Warriors.