• Jordan Poole played a tremendous game during the Warriors' recent win against the Mavs
  • Steve Kerr is considering mixing Poole with Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry in the next games
  • Curry's prolonged slump is no big deal for Poole

Head coach Steve Kerr could unlock a new system with the emergence of a reliable scorer in the Golden State Warriors’ ongoing campaign this season.

There have been a lot of revelations during the Warriors’ thumping of the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday, January 26.

Among them was coach Kerr’s realization that Jordan Poole can be of significant help to Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

Poole evidently put on his most productive performance alongside Thompson and also played exceptional basketball as a Sixth Man.

This has prompted Kerr to consider mixing Poole with Curry and Thompson in the succeeding games to come up with “a totally different look” in the team's offense.

“If he [Poole] can attack the way he did tonight, be aggressive while coming off the bench, it gives us more punch with that second unit while Steph is off the floor,” Kerr told NBC Sports after the game. “But if we can mix him in with Steph and Klay as well, like we did tonight, it gives us another lineup combination that’s a totally different look to what teams have been used to seeing. It could be a great role for him, but he has to grow comfortable in it.”

"We've been looking forward to trying to get them on the court together just because of the playmaking and the shooting," he added. "The last month or so as we have struggled offensively, opponents have really loaded up on Steph, and we haven't been able to play lineups like that. So to get those three on the floor together--you've got great spacing, great shooting, playmaking, the ability to put the ball on the floor--and they'll make defenses pay for overloading toward Steph, and that's really helpful."

Curry has been in a prolonged slump lately, having shot only 1-of-13 from beyond the arc against the Utah Jazz and 2 out of 10 against the Mavs.

Regardless of what his new role will be, Poole stressed that Curry will still be the focal point of the Warriors’ offense, especially in shooting.

“We see the shots that he's taking, he's practicing, and we know how good of a shooter he is,” Poole said of Curry’s slump. “We wouldn't want any other thing. He's still extremely aggressive, and he was getting a lot of good looks, and it was opening everything up for our team. Everybody else has to step up. We know if he hits a couple of those, it could be a 40-point night or a 50-point night for him.”

“So, just continuing to trust what you do and kind of have no conscience,” he continued. “Continue to be who you are. That's what I take away from it, if anything."

Steve Kerr and Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry will miss the start of the NBA playoffs as he recovers from a Grade 2 left MCL sprain. Pictured: Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr (left) talks to guard Stephen Curry (30) after an injury against the San Antonio Spurs during the first quarter at Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA, March 8, 2018. Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports