The dashcam footage of a car surfaced on Aug. 8 that shows a toddler falling unceremoniously from a car into the busy streets of Bangkok. The footage was first uploaded by Pornpilin Aeamsaad on Facebook and it has since gone viral, drawing over 1.5 million views.

The incident occurred on Aug. 7, in the Min Buri intersection, on the outskirts of Bangkok, Pattaya One reported. At the very moment a car starts moving after being stuck in traffic, the left passenger door of the vehicle swings open and a small kid falls out.

After accidentally falling on the street – next to the vehicle – the kid rolls sideways, narrowly missing being run over by the back wheels of the car. Terrified screams and cries can be heard from the people in the vehicle with the dashcam, witnessing the incident. One of the cars on the left stops and the person driving the vehicle considers getting out and helping the kid.

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The car from which the child falls off, meanwhile, remains oblivious to what had happened for a few seconds and moves forward. The child gets up, seemingly unharmed and runs after the car. The car stops after moving a few paces and a horrified woman (presumed to be the child’s mother) climbs out of the very door the kid had fallen out of.

She grabs the kid and gets back into the car as the traffic begins to move.

Some YouTube users criticized the woman who was in charge of keeping an eye on the child in the car with her. “Excellent parenting skills!! Probably beat her with a flip flop when they got home,” said one of the users, while another said: “Lmao!! How as a parent do you even let that happen...idiots.”

Yet another terrified user pointed out that it was sheer luck that the kid came out of the incident unscathed: “Thank f--- the kid moved, it was so close to losing a foot or leg it’s unreal.”

While incidents like these might seem like one in a million, they are actually more common than people think. There are tons of videos online that capture frightening cases where adults have slipped up in supervising their kids and they have ended up falling out of moving vehicles. The following are a few examples.

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Securing children in the backseats of cars by installing specialized toddler-proof seats is not a common practice in Thailand. However, instances like these have also been caught on video in the United States.

A 4-year-old girl tumbled out of the back door of a moving church bus in Arkansas in April this year. Unlike the present scenario, the bus did not stop but sped away. Ryan Ciampoli, a firefighter, who happened to be right behind the church bus, stopped immediately and went to check on the toddler, who was unconscious at the time. The kid was rushed to the nearest hospital with a broken jaw, New York Post reported at the time.