Security footage obtained from a Detroit-area nightclub appears to show former NFL wide receiver Braylon Edwards attacking a photographer.

In a security video obtained by TMZ, Edwards, 30, can be seen arguing with the photographer who later accused him of assault. According to the website, the former New York Jets wide receiver was upset that the photographer had taken footage of Edwards as he pushed someone outside of the Detroit nightclub.

Edwards, who stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 218 pounds, began screaming at the photographer, claiming that he needed to look at the footage of the incident, TMZ notes. When the man began to walk away from the scene, Edwards chased after him, and the two engaged in a face-to-face confrontation.

The photographer attempted to walk away a second time, prompting Edwards to get physical. The football player ran after the photographer and grabbed his ankles, knocking him face-first to the ground. Shortly thereafter, the photographer walked to a local police station, where he filed a battery report against Edwards, TMZ notes.

The security footage directly contradicts an initial statement made by Edwards' representatives. In an interview with TMZ, the representative claimed that the altercation between Edwards and the photographer hadn't turned physical, and that the man was merely attempting to “take Braylon’s money.”

Edwards flatly denied the photographer’s allegations in a Twitter post. “The reports are blasphemy. Was joking with friends and a guy was filming us. I asked him to delete it, he said no. He wasn’t harmed at all.”

The photographer, whose name hasn't been released, suffered minor injuries but declined medical attention at the scene, TMZ reports. The man reportedly told the website that he plans to pursue legal action against Edwards.