Disturbing footage showed a fish twitching after being served on a restaurant table in east China, Nov. 15, 2017. In this photo, a meal of fried sardines is served in a restaurant in the local produce market in Netanya in central Israel, Feb. 22, 2006. Getty Images

A shocking video has emerged on the internet showing a ray twitching after it had been served on a skewer on a restaurant table in east China. The video was available from Wednesday on YouTube.

In the video, the fish, a ray is seen cut open from the stomach from where bits of the flesh can be seen missing and is seen placed on a skewer.

The fish can be seen twitching and shaking while it is being cooked slowly by the heat from the hotpot underneath place on a restaurant table.

A woman is heard saying in the background: “It's been some time and it's still moving.”

The video clip reportedly captured in Ningbo of Zhejiang Province in east China, showed the ray hung on a skewer with its body cut open, according to Buzz

Lower parts of the ray were gone as seen in the video which was believed to have been cooked in the hotpot. The fish also appeared to open its mouth and eventually close it while being painfully pierced on the skewer.

Ray, the fish seen in the video falls under the class "Chondrichthyes" that consists types of the cartilaginous fishes, including chimaeras or ratfishes, sharks, and batoids (rays, skates, guitarfish, and sawfishes).

The "Chondrichthyes" group is characterized by a skeleton of flexible and soft cartilage lined with hard tissue and not by mineralized bone. Ray, falling under this category, a cartilaginous fish, is said to be consumed owing to its high protein and vitamin content, according to

In order to explain the movement of the fish, explains that there are cells in a dead fish that still have the capability to respond to stimuli, although the brain and heart might not be in a functioning condition.

Muscle motor neurons are said to maintain some membrane potential, or what is called difference in ion charge, which is then said to begin a domino effect down the neural pathways that results in movement.