A terrifying encounter with a film crew in a submarine in depths of the Atlantic Ocean being attacked by enormous sixgill sharks was captured on camera in a video released Saturday.

The BBC Earth crew, capturing footage for Blue Planet II, were at a depth of about 2,300 feet near the Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal, when it saw the carcass of a sperm whale on the seafloor.

The sharks measuring to nearly 20 feet were feeding on the carcass and thought of the submarine as competition when the crew arrived, GrindTV said.

In the video, the sharks can be seen diverting their attention to the submarine and eventually start ramming and shoving the vessel.

"He's pushing us!" one crewman is heard saying to a team at the surface. "I went backward and he was pushing us to the front."

Another adds: "The submarine is so strong, but they're so big and strong that I'm a little bit afraid."

They eventually abandon the vessel and go back to the whale carcass.

Will Ridgeon, one of the producers who was a part of the expedition, told the Sun about the encounter: "It was shocking to see the amount of flesh they can rip out with one bite. There was so much blood and flesh in the water it was like a horror movie. "More sharks kept arriving. At one point there were seven the size of great whites."

“They became aggressive and mistook us as a competitor for the carcass. They began smashing up against us and biting the sub. There was an inch of the acrylic window between us and sharks with enormous mouths and teeth as sharp as saws or bread knives. You couldn’t help but think what would happen if they got through. Even the pilot said he was afraid,” he added.

“Once we got over that initial fear it was one my best moments of the series.”