NBA star James Harden is coming off of a career year as a member of the Houston Rockets, but if his new commercial is any indication, the 23-year-old may be looking to take his talents in a new direction.

In a new commercial from the folks over at Foot Locker, Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry bumps into Harden as he attempts to record an R&B album. Curry is quick to inform Harden that it probably isn’t such a good idea.

“James, please don’t do this,” Curry tells Harden in the Foot Locker commercial. Of course, Harden ignores Curry’s warning, claiming, “I just had the best year of my career … I’ve gotta keep things fresh.”

Despite Harden’s confidence, Curry decides that he needs to hear the Rockets star's R&B-inspired routine for himself. Needless to say, Curry wasn’t impressed by Harden’s performance, shaking his head in disappointment as Harden’s voice offends the musical sensibilities of everyone in the studio. We’re thrilled that Foot Locker convinced Harden to sing for a national audience, but we’re equally glad that he’s going to be sticking to his day job.

Harden isn't the first athlete to try his hand in the music business. Shaquille O’Neal, Ron Artest (currently known as Metta World Peace), Kevin Durant and LeBron James have all released rap songs, with varying degrees of success.

Foot Locker’s new commercial featuring Harden and Curry can be viewed below. Just don’t blame us if it hurts your ears.