In the latest viral nightmare scenario to hit the web, the man behind the Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher account on Facebook shared a video of one of his most recent snake-catching exploits. This one, a brown tree snake multiple feet in length, was lodged in the rim of a Queensland, Australia family’s toilet.

“Imagine waking up in the morning, and going to do what you've got to do and there's a snake,” catcher Tony Harrison said in the video, lifting up the toilet seat to show his viewers what little could be seen of the creature. It would later turn out to be massive.

After several attempts at trying to coax the reptile out by flushing, Harrison pointed to where its body could be seen along the bowl’s rim. He began attempting to hook it with his forefinger.

“The things we have to do. I'm just going to have to stick my hand up in there and hope that he doesn't bite,” he said. “I hope there’s no other nasties in there. Pardon the pun, but s--- happens.”

Harrison went on to point out that brown tree snakes are venomous but not deadly, though he did add that they’re “a little bit fiery.” According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the brown tree snake is an invasive species native to Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea but was later discovered on Guam (likely by way of cargo). The snake can grow up to three meters (just under 10 feet) in length.

Harrison managed to get part of the snake’s tail pulled out before adding, “He's going to come out swinging.”

After pulling the snake’s body out of the bowl for the better part of three minutes — all the while recording the incident on what was likely a cellphone — he was able to pull the long creature out of the bowl.

“He wouldn’t have come up from the toilet, he would have crawled into the house and then crawled into there to hide,” Harrison noted.

As the snake catcher set the creature on the ground, a child could be heard commenting on its length, saying, “Whoa!”