• Fans without masks exchange blows during the Spurs vs. Rockets game
  • The Spurs came from behind to clinch the victory over the Rockets
  • NBA could tighten COVID-19 protocols due to the Spurs vs. Rockets fan brawl

With the COVID-19 still in the air, arenas are forced to either hold games without fans or allow only a certain number to watch NBA games.

The Toyota Center is one of few venues that allow spectators, particularly the ones who are passionate about supporting their NBA team.

The last thing that one would expect fans fighting during games. Curiously, one broke out when the Houston Rockets hosted the San Antonio Spurs.

The Spurs won that game, 111-106, but the highlight of the NBA matchup were fans who exchanged blows for unknown reasons as of press time.

Through some videos that were captured by people in attendance, it remains unclear what sparked the melee.

One could see the arena barely having people in attendance, a reason why the fisticuffs garnered so much attention. The worst part of it all is that most were not wearing a mask that is required since the coronavirus is still pretty much rampant.

But the ugly part of it is that one fight led to another. The identities of the parties involved remain unknown, but the whole thing could be a result of some jeering or an altercation of unknown origin.

Check out the footage captured by a Twitter user below.

In a way, having a limited number of fans during that game was a blessing. With things getting out of control, the ruckus could have gotten out of hand.

The video alone already shows how some of the assailants were pretty hot under the collar and targeted several others around that area of the Toyota Center.

Thankfully, security personnel was able to intervene and prevent it from escalating. But equally disturbing is seeing some of the people not wearing masks at that time.

This could be an area of concern for the NBA to make sure that all fans should diligently wear masks at all times to help resolve the growing pandemic situation.

As for the game, the Spurs erased a 13-point lead and came from behind to frustrate the Rockets.

San Antonio took advantage of Christian Wood’s absence by attacking DeMarcus Cousins with jumpers. It was the second win in a row for the Spurs.

Lonnie Walker #1 of the San Antonio Spurs drives to the basket against the Houston Rockets
Lonnie Walker #1 of the San Antonio Spurs drives to the basket against the Houston Rockets Getty Images | Ronald Cortes