china airport
Representational image of Cathay Pacific Airways counters in Newark, New Jersey, March 1, 2014. Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Cathay Pacific Airways

In a CCTV footage released Tuesday, a passenger of an unnamed Chinese airline was seen smacking an airline staff member in the face with his mobile phone at the check-in kiosk after learning that his flight was cancelled.

The passenger was agitated that his flight was cancelled the night before and vented it out on the airline employee the next day. The incident took place at the airport in Qingdao, Shangdong province, China. The man was given a five-day detention and was also blacklisted by the Chinese airline.

Local media reported that the aircraft was canceled due to adverse weather conditions and the airline had arranged accommodation for the man’s family and offered him compensation. According to a Daily Mail report, the man, surnamed Wu, returned to the airport the next morning and asked the employees if he could board an earlier flight. The employees informed him all the flights were full.

In the surveillance footage, the man can be seen angrily pointing his finger at the staff member before suddenly smacking his face with his mobile phone.

Airport officials were informed immediately; however, the man had left the kiosk by then. The man was later apprehended after checking CCTV footage.

In a similar incident in February this year, a man attacked American Airlines employees on the tarmac after he was threatened to be removed from a flight at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, North Carolina.

Videos of the incident showed the man stripping off his clothes, then punching and chasing airport employees at the tarmac. It also showed him charging at an airport employee and hitting him with a plastic traffic wand. He then charged toward another crew member and swung his fist a couple of times while holding his bag with his other hand.

American Airline officials said the man seemed disoriented and had trouble finding his seat. He became agitated and left the plane by running down the access stairs onto the ramp area when he was threatened to be thrown off the plane by the staff.