Cody Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodgers hits home run against Colorado Rockies during the third inning of the baseball game at Dodger Stadium , in Los Angeles, California on June 25, 2017. Getty Images

Over 45,000 fans at a Dodger Stadium were reportedly flashed by an elderly woman during a baseball game Saturday. The woman, shown on the video board with her bra exposed caught the attention of fans.

The Los Angeles Dodgers hosted the Kansas City Royals this weekend and one fan took the opportunity to expose her bra during the game. In the seventh inning, an elderly woman dressed in a blue shirt and a Dodgers visitor was dancing to the music that played in the stadium, the video captured her.


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She danced and cheered during the game, which was spotted by the stadium's video board. The crowd boisterously cheered her on. She then lifted her shirt and exposed her bra to everyone. The crowd busted into laughter as the elderly woman exposed her white bra to everyone. The camera quickly panned away, but fans still got a glimpse of the woman’s underwear.

Dodgers players relished the spectacle and said that it usually doesn’t happen during the game. The woman had apparently appeared on the video board earlier during the game.

"It was the rally granny," Dodgers rookie Cody Bellinger told the Associated Press. "Some of my teammates were talking about it a little bit. You don't see that much at a baseball stadium."

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Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said he missed the elderly woman’s display during the game. He apparently was busy coaching and missed what had happened. The camera crew who were working in the video room during the game apparently broke out in laughter.

"I heard about it from some of my players and I guess they said I had a missed opportunity," Roberts said.

The internet reacted to the spectacle. Fans took to Twitter and commented on the elderly woman. They created a hashtag for the event "#rallygranny." One user who was at the game recorded what had happened and tweeted the footage.

"I was at the game yesterday and definitely #RallyGranny #mlb #bleedblue #60wins #bestinthemlb @Dodgers @espn," she wrote.

Rally Granny is life goals.

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Every team needs a #RallyGranny. #Astros #Raiders. _me, I'm available .

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The #RallyGranny is real guys. #Dodgers

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