Ted Cruz  Faux Filibuster
Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaking in the U.S. Senate. Reuters

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) took the Senate floor on Tuesday night, delivering a marathon speech in favor of defunding the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Hours into his speech, Cruz took a break from airing his policy views to read a bedtime story to his two daughters, including the entirety of the Dr.Seuss classic “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Cruz began his diversion by saying hi to his daughters and reciting to them several Bible verses. Soon after, he moved on to storytime and recited the complete text of “Green Eggs and Ham.” When Cruz finished, he attempted to tie the children’s book into his anti-Obamacare speech, insisting that, unlike in the book, Americans had tried Obamacare and did not like it. Not the most effective metaphor, especially since Obamacare has not yet gone into effect.

But not only did Cruz recite “Green Eggs and Ham” during his speech--he also claimed his father invented the dish. Early in Cruz’s hours-long diatribe, he mentioned that his father had once worked as a cook at a Toddle House restaurant, which Cruz described as a combination of a Denny’s restaurant and a Benihana restaurant, where he actually invented the recipe for the famous Green Eggs and Ham, which presumably inspired Dr. Seuss, at least according to Cruz's anecdote.

"I will credit my father: He invented -- this wasn't for the restaurant, but he did it anyway -- he invented green eggs and ham,” Cruz said. He tried to back his claim by saying his father would mix spinach into his eggs to achieve the desired effect.

Watch Sen. Ted Cruz read the entirety of “Green Eggs and Ham” below.