Photo of a tiger used as an illustration. Getty

Two tigers were rescued from gruesome conditions in an abandoned amusement park Aug. 11, near wartorn Aleppo, Syria. They found sanctuary in the Netherlands, according to the Reuters.

The rescue was led by international animal welfare organization Four Paws.

Their journey to safety took the animals, named Sultan and Sayeeda, two months. The felines were transported from Syria to Turkey. For the final leg of their trip, they went to Jordan before ultimately finding their new home in Nijeberkoop, Netherlands.

Once the gates were opened, the tigers were curious to take their first peek at the new sanctuary made for them in FELIDA Big Cat Centre. The tigers were put in separate cages, but that didn't stop them from giving each other an affectionate display of love through the gates.

The tiger will be closely monitored to make sure they are healthy.