A Facebook video showing the violent arrest of an Austin, Texas, man went viral Tuesday, prompting an investigation into the officers’ use of force in the situation, KVUE reported. The video, which was filmed and posted by Mo Anderson, has almost three million views on Facebook at the time of writing. An affidavit released Friday revealed new details about what transpired before the altercation took place, according to KHOU-11.

In the video, a group of officers wearing face coverings, with one wearing a Santa hat, arrested Jason Deshun Donald with what many felt was extreme force. The Austin Police Department commenced an investigation of the matter, with the chief of police stating that face coverings are not typically worn and the Santa hat, in particular, is against APD policy.

The affidavit revealed that the arrest was part of an anti-drug dealing patrol in the area. An officer suspected Donald was involved in drug sales due to “brief contacts” he had with people in the patrol area. Donald then allegedly jaywalked across the street into the Shell gas station from the video, where an officer put him in handcuffs for not using the designated crosswalk.

After that, the affidavit said Donald got his left wrist free of the handcuffs and his erratic movements supposedly caused the three officers holding him to fall to the ground. The officers reportedly then thought Donald was reaching for a weapon, at which point they deployed a stun device to get him back into the handcuffs.

The affidavit seemingly does not address the more violent aspects of the arrest that were caught on video, such as officers punching Donald while he is on the ground. It claims the officers found cash and drugs in his pockets after the arrest.