The ex-wife of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright, Sherra Wright, was arrested in California on Friday.

After 34-year-old Wright’s decomposed body was found in southeast Memphis, Tennessee, in July 2010, with shell casings from different calibers scattered around the scene, investigators started conducting a murder probe.

Finally, seven years after Wright’s murder, the police arrested Billy Ray Turner, 46, an obscure landscaper, charging him with first-degree murder. Soon after, it was revealed Turner was a deacon in a small Collierville church where Wright’s ex-wife was a minister.

Sherra told the Commercial Appeal in a 2015 interview she was not a suspect in his murder case.

“They was like, no, you know," she said. "It was just kind of a person of interest. They said that the list was long and wide and they didn’t have any real suspects, if you want to quote that.’’

At the time, she abhorred the very suggestion of her being linked to her ex-husband’s murder.

“I’m a mother. I’m a wife. I’m an author. And the police should find his killer,'' Sherra said. "For my name to be even in the same sentence of something like that — I’m a minister of the Lord. And I’ve never been in any type of trouble or anything. I just, I’m a mother. An author. And a wife.’’

However, around the same time, Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong confirmed they could not rule out Sherra as a potential murder suspect.

According to the police records, Lorenzen was last seen leaving Sherra’s house in Memphis on July 19, 2010, shortly before he was never heard from again. The events that unfolded on the day were shrouded in mystery because Sherra never came forward to share specific details.

She did, however, tell the police Lorenzen left her house briefly “carrying a box of drugs.” He reportedly returned sometime later to leave again with a sum of money. According to an affidavit, Sherra added she overheard her ex-husband talking on a TracFone telling someone he was “going to flip something for $110,000.”

Lorenzen and Sherra ended their 13-year-long marriage months before the murder of the former NBA player, after allegations of unfaithfulness and domestic abuse. Sherra published a fictional book titled, “Mr. Tell Me Anything," that is believed to be largely based on the rocky relationship Sherra shared with Lorenzen.

The plot of the book revolved around a deceitful, philandering basketball player who moves from Mississippi to Memphis, marries an older woman and becomes a top pro draft pick. It also included instances where the protagonist is caught in bed with another woman by his wife.

It was believed Sherra moved to California after staying for sometime in Texas, following her ex-husband’s death. Sherra and Lorenzen's twin sons, Lamar and Shamar Wright – also basketball players like their father – transferred to a high school near Riverside, California, USA Today reported in May.