A wife in India endured a public flogging at the hands of her husband as punishment for her alleged adultery, police said Thursday.

The unidentified woman was allegedly flogged at least 100 times by her husband with a large leather belt. Footage of the incident, which reportedly occurred March 10 in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh near Delhi, India, has since been released.

In a minute-long clip, a large crowd can be seen gathered around the women as she endured the beating. She can be heard screaming in agony following each hit. 

According to local reports, a so-called "kangaroo court" sanctioned the punishment after a village leader found the woman guilty of adultery. At one point, the woman fell unconscious, the Daily Mail reported. 

Before the whipping, the husband tried to convince his wife to return home. However, when she arrived, her husband orchestrated the flogging.

The woman suffered injuries, though it's unclear to what extent. After she recovered, the woman filed a complaint against her husband. Police Inspector Altaf Ansari told local news that a case was pending against the woman's spouse.

"We have registered a case against her husband Saudan, former village head Sher Singh and his son Shravansinh and arrested them," he told the Hindu. "We have started a hunt for other accused. The woman has been sent to the hospital for medical examination."

Police said three villagers were responsible for the incident, the Hindu reported. The woman's husband is among the three that have since been arrested. Over 100 people were bystanders during the flogging.

"We found out about the incident yesterday,"a police spokesperson told the outlet. "We called the woman, spoke to her and registered a case. We have arrested the husband, the panchayat pradhan (village headman) and his son. We have filed a case against 20 to 25 unknown people."