The Japanese Women's national soccer team is getting ready to face off with the Swedish national team at 2:45 p.m. EST in the Women's World Cup 2011.

The winner of this match will play the winner of the U.S. versus France playoff.

The U.S. is already in the lead as Lauren Cheney scored the first goal in the ninth minute. The U.S. has not won the World Cup since 1999.

Sweden has dominated Women's World Cup 2011 so far and hasn't dropped a match. They took out Australia in the quarterfinals.

But the Swedish team may get a challenge from the Japanese soccer nationals who gained a 1-0 victory over Germany during extra time.

Sweden defeated U.S. team in the group stages. Meeting again could give the U.S. a comeback.

The World Cup Final will be played at 2:45 p.m. EST on Sunday in Frankfurt. What can you catch the action online?

For a live streaming broadcast, go to ESPN3, although you need to provide your valid cable service subscription account. To watch play-by-play coverage and more, go to the FIFA website.