Passing a drug test is sometimes a requirement when applying for a job at certain companies and institutions. Weed is now legal in many states, but passing a test for marijuana use is still necessary for some positions.

There are some great detox drinks available in the market which allows you to flush out weed from your system faster. The general rule is that weed is removed out of your system in around five days, but if you need a quicker marijuana detox, there are several options currently available.

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8 detox drinks to clean your system from THC. Studio portrait of woman smoking on black background. gettyimages

Here are eight of the best detox drinks that could help you pass drug tests.

1. Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

One of the better detox drinks, Clear Cleanse by Clear Choice is a standout among the options currently available in the market. While many detox drinks have unpredictable outcomes, this is not one of those.

To get the best result, make sure that you have not smoked or ingested marijuana within 48 hours before drinking this within 15 minutes. After that, refill the bottle again, this time with plain water, and drink once more.

After urinating a few times, you should be all clear.

2. Rescue Detox Ice

Rescue Detox Ice is another detoxification drink that hydrates your body.

Drink this upon the arrival of your drug test. After three to four visits to the toilet, your urine should be clean for the urine test for the next five hours.

The Rescue Detox Ice is known for its simple usage and unique flavors.

3. Stinger Detox

This one comes in a little jug, but guarantees solid and quick results. It is available in an assortment of flavors, including watermelon and grape.

It works like most detox drinks. You have to drink the whole bottle and urinate as many times as necessary.

But this is such a potent detox drink that the bottle size is much smaller than the other options in the market.

Stinger Detox is also rated highly by Vice.

It is best to take Vitamin B with the drink so the discoloration in your pee can be reduced.

4. Coffee

Coffee can make a difference. As coffee is a natural diuretic, it helps with digestion and can get the individual to pee more often. Don't forget to drink lots of water to replace the fluids you lost in your body due to frequent urination.

This is a cheap alternative to some of the other detox drinks out there. It is advisable to drink some sort of energy drink with coffee, as well as take vitamin B supplements.

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8 detox drinks that will help in passing the drug test. Young woman smoking. gettyimages

5. Cranberry Juice

In case an individual is not a big enthusiast of manufactured detox drinks, there are some basic yet natural detox drinks out there. Cranberry juice is a classic example of that.

It works so well with electrolyte drinks and helps you urinate more often. Just to make the drug test less suspicious, it is advisable to take vitamin B pills with it as this will add color to your urine.

6. The 5 Day Extreme Detox by Nutra Cleanse

This product has such a good track record, especially for people who are overweight or daily weed smokers.

Recommended by Vice and High Times, it comes with 2 THC testing kits so the individuals can check their urine themselves before going for the actual drug test.

The 5 Day Extreme Detox by Nutra Cleanse is known to flush out the drug from your body in just five days.

7. The Fail Safe Kit by Nutra Cleanse

The Fail Safe Kit by Nutra Cleanse is guaranteed to help clean your urine for the test and is offers same-day detox. It works great for six hours.

8. Lemon Juice

To wrap things up, the most organic approach to detox your system is by drinking water and lemon juice. Lemon is a natural acid that detoxifies the body in an all-organic way.

Take 8 to 16 ounces of clean water and squeeze one half of a lemon in it. This will encourage the system to flush out the THC.

During the days before the drug tests, repeat this process as much as needed. Remember, the main objective is to rid your body of nicotine and THC as much as possible.