Anthony Weiner
U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) speaks to the media in New York, June 6, 2011. Representative Anthony Weiner admitted on Monday to sending a lewd photo of himself to a 21-year-old female college student over his Twitter account after previously denying he had done so. Reuters

High voltage jokes spread through the social media as the Anthony Weiner tweeting scandal got more interesting when the disgraced politician admitted on Monday the crotch image tweeted from his account to a young woman was indeed his own photo.

Even as people loved to crack jokes, invent puns and pull of really lewd ones at the expense of the disgraced man, the intensity of the attack also show much people like to kick and tread on the fallen one.

Obviously jokes linked up Weiner scandal to former President Bill Clinton, former presidential candidate John Edwards and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. And caught in the jokes unwittingly was House Speaker John Boehner -- only by virtue of his name!
Most people cracking jokes on Twitter played up Weiner's name, trying to say in a funny way how the name actually matters!

True. RT @mattsingley Honestly, if you vote a guy named Weiner into public office, you have to expect this sort of thing, wrote Dan Perez.
#weiner showed everyone his weiner, then apologised?! Clearly, not fit to hold public office. Truly dumb & destructive, wrote PayalParwani.

And this tweeter connects the scandal to the Elliot Spitzer sleaze scandal. First Spitzer now Weiner. Does NY have a lot of inappropriate men in public office? wrote TheMermaidsSong.

Good to see Eliot Spitzer so comfortable on his CNN show covering the Weiner scandal, comments Ian O'Connor.
Gabriel Sherman asks: If #Weiner resigns would he get a cable news show?

Connections with the sordid trial that Bill Clinton went through were hard to miss on Twitter. BorowitzReport: Bill Clinton Blasts Weiner: In my day, we'd show it to 'em in person.

Again from the same tweeter: “Weiner 'Totally Un-smooth with Women,' Says Dominique Strauss-Kahn”.
And the fact that Bill Clinton officiated Weiner's wedding was celebrated by people on Twitter.

Tony Weiner,a Jew, is married to Huma Abedin. Weiner then shows his weiner on twitter. Why? Bill Clinton presided over their marriage, from Deep Majumdar.

Loving the Weiner scandal. Havent had this much fun since Clinton, wrote Mysteriously Unnamed.

House Speaker John Boehner was unwittingly caught in the froth festival too. Ok, so just hear me out... If Weiner showed his #Weiner -- what's Boehner gonna Show? - SarahMarie

John Boehner should give Congressman Weiner a stiff talking to, says former congressman Dick Swett of NH, tweeted chris bean.
Doesn't matter if you're a Weiner or a Boehner. if you can't act right while serving the public good, you don't deserve to hold the job, -- ronsussman.

Too bad Boehner won't stand up for Weiner, wrote JasonIsbell.

The Weiner name was the punch factor most people harped on yet. I have no doubt that Weiner will rise again, said dropstones.

Weiner, the new undie bomber. And what a perfect name too; I wonder if he even has one; he certainly doesn't have any balls, wrote Stepehn Borsher while commenting on a WSJ story.

I know its childish, but I can't stop laughing, every time the news reporters say Anthony Weiner's name: Candace Bailey
And, even Sarah Palin was not spared by a tweeter who found something 'common' between Weiner and her.

@andersoncooper Palin's ignorance is as bad as Weiner's lies to the public. Can you please run for office? tweted Lisa Beachy.

And this one about the Democratic Party which has got an ugly matter to deal with. RT @NorthwestFire: Democrats call for Weiner probe This is a real headline! Jared Wade wrote.

John Edwards should probably send #Weiner a gift basket right about now, wrote The Last Word.
And how would Arnie Schwarzenegger conclude? Given the Weiner and Edwards scandals this week -- Schwarzenegger quoted shouting OMG, THIS IS THE BEST WEEK EVAR!!!! wrote mattbillenstein.