Weiner podium
Weiner Condoms advise users to "protect their tweets". Reuters

Practice Safe Policy, the company behind 'Obama Condoms', have unveiled limited edition Weiner Condoms, featuring Anthony Weiner's face on the packaging. Also on the package is a directive to Protect Your Weiner* (*and your Tweets).

Benjamin Sherman, founder of Practice Safe Policy, told The Daily Caller that the company worked quickly to put out the new condoms, which were released before the New York Times reported on the pregnancy of Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin.

Apparently he didn't use a Weiner Condom because they weren't avalable, Sherman said.

Weiner has been previously familiar with Practice Safe Policy condoms - Sherman told The Daily Caller that he personally shared the Obama condoms with Weiner during a visit the Congresman made to Riverdale.

I actually handed him the Obama Condoms, and he laughed, he thought they were hilarious, Sherman said, later adding I wonder if he'll actually see this product and remember, 'Oh my God, I met the guy that created these and I shouldn't have done this because now there's a condom with my face on it'.

Pressure is mounting from Democrats and Republicans alike for Weiner to step down from office. Although some of his colleauges offered tepid support in the earlier stages of the scandal, new information regarding an X-rated photo and his wife's apparent pregnancy has been a tipping point, pushing previously tolerant Democrats to urge for Weiner's resignation.

[Source: The Daily Caller]