San Francisco police raided part of the Occupy SF camp, removing 15 tents in front of Market Street and arresting 7 protesters on early Wednesday morning.

According to San Francisco Chronicle, the police approached the location around 1:20 a.m., forming two lines - one blocking protesters camped on Justin Herman Plaza and another keeping back protesters camped in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco at 101 Market St.

Then they took down the tents and arrested seven protestors, citing and releasing unlawful camping.

That area, which was raided, was known as bridge, because it linked the two other camps on Justin Herman Plaza and near the Federal Reserve building.

This time the officers didn't touched other areas, even though they also announced that the camps at other two locations were also illegal.

Protesters responded angrily at the police and yelled some statements such as We pay your salaries. And they became hostile too - some protesters even fought.

After the camp was dismantled, protesters waited to see Mayor Ed Lee.

“Hopefully some answers, some explanation,” Smiley told SF Examiner. “I don’t know about a resolution, but some explanation is what I’m expecting.”

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