Kobe May Take His Talents to Italy
Bryant would consider playing in Europe if there's a lockout Reuters

According to The New York Daily News, Kobe Bryant would consider playing in Italy should the NBA have a lockout.

Bryant, who spent part of his childhood in Italy, paid more than $1 million of Olimpia Milano in January 2000, but then sold his 50 percent stake in the team 10 months later.

The Knicks played the club back in October, so the players know NBA competition.

Might be a perfect fit for Kobe?

Then there's Spain, and Barcelona. Bryant could consider playing for the club that is also his favorite soccer team, and have a backcourt mate in Ricky Rubio. Barcelona actually beat the Lakers as the NBA champions toured Europe.

There's still a decent chance the lockout could be avoided, so this is all harmless speculation.