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People are expressing concern on social media about a new craze called the "Zoom Challenge." In this photo, social media applications are seen on a phone screen, Aug. 3, 2017. Reuters/Thomas White

A new craze, called the "zoom challenge," is sweeping through social media with parents taking videos of the their children dancing to a hip-hop song before suddenly yanking them off-screen by their legs. The dangerous act is reportedly putting small kids at high risk as many videos show them hitting their head on the floor.

In the challenge, young children sit on the floor listening to the song "Mickey" by Lil Yachty — with the lyrics, “trapping out the back streets, runnin’ through the packs like a track meet – ZOOM” — in the background before someone off-camera grabs them by the legs and pulls them.

Some videos also show animals, like pet cats and dogs, lying asleep before being violently pulled off-screen by someone.

After videos of the challenge surfaced online, many social media users expressed concern as the act could possibly cause head and neck injuries due to the abrupt movement.

"Now let's try this challenge with the parents... Let see how funny that is," one social media user commented on a video.

However, it is not known if anyone has been hurt in the making of this videos as a part of the challenge.

This is not the first time a challenge on social media sparked concerns. There have been several other dangerous challenges including the “Blue Whale Challenge,” the “Tide Pod Challenge” and the “Condom-snorting Challenge.” These increasingly popular trends put young people at risk of several hazards.

The most recent was the "Deodorant Challenge" which was reported in May. In this challenge the participant sprayed deodorant onto a part of a person's bare skin for as long as possible. A 15-year-old girl in U.K. suffered second-degree burns due to the challenge.

In February, the "Condom-snorting challenge" became popular after videos surfaced online showing a person taking an unwrapped condom, inhaling it through one nostril that made it go down the throat, and the person then pulling it out through the mouth.

In January, parents were concerned about the "Tide Pod Challenge" in which teenagers were stuffing their mouth with detergent pods and biting into them or cooking with them. The American Association of Poison Control Centers issued warnings at the time about the hazardous effects of consuming the detergent pods.

The most terrifying of the challenges was the "Blue Whale Challenge" in which teenagers participated in a "suicide game" which often ended with the participant taking one's own life. According to reports, more than 100 teenagers killed themselves as part of this challenge.