The holiday season is over but that doesn’t mean the seemingly endless parade of baked goods has to come to an abrupt halt because luckily, it’s almost Girl Scout Cookie season.

All the favorites will soon be for sale in most areas around the country. When exactly the sales start varies depending on area and when local troops start selling, according to the Girl Scouts website. For the most part, the sales start toward the end of January or start of February and last six to eight weeks.

The best way for someone who can’t go without their Shortbread or Samoas to make sure they get a box or two this year is to look up when sales will be happening in their area. There’s a tool on the Girl Scouts’ website where anyone can enter their zip code and the closest planned sale will appear with the exact location, date and time of the sale.

Cookie lovers can also use the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app for iOS and Android devices to find sales near them. The app is free and offers the same information available online about sales nearby.

Girls Scouts participating in the Digital Cookie platform this season can also help buyers place cookie orders online. The platform was introduced during the 2014-2015 cookie sale season and gives the Girl Scouts experience with the online business portion of the cookie sales. Any Girl Scout can use the platform and initiate sales via email, online or in person with buyers through her own sales page.

This year not only will the new Girl Scout S’mores cookies that received a warm welcome after their debut last year be back, but all the classics like Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Lemonades, and others will all be available too.