Popular blog,When Parents Text, chronicles user submitted text messasges to illustrate the trials and errors that occur when parents get their hands on a cell phone. Some texts are funny while others are awkward, but as a whole they show that parents can in fact learn new tricks... well, sometimes.

Do you have a relationship with your parents that has been complicated by T-9 and large thumbs? the blog asks users. We would like to celebrate that.

To commemorate the awkward, but classic relationship parents now have with their dedicated texting children, co-founders Lauren Kaelin and Sophia Fraioli published a book When Parents Test: So Much Said... So Little Understood in September of this year. Their blog has gained an enormous following on Facebook with over 47,000 likes and has also been featured in Mashable's top ten tumblr blogs about parents.

For Kaelin and Friaioli, When Parents Text is not meant to be malicious. It is rather an endearing ode to how parents bridge the technological and generational gap in their own special way, by sharing news, sending their love and making witty references to pop culture.

We bring you our 16 favorite funny texts posted on When Parents Text that show that even with modern technology, parents will always be parents.