An Oregon man who wanted to know where to buy marijuana mistakenly dialed 911. Creative Commons

Police showed up to check on an Oregon man earlier this month after he called 911 to ask where he could “buy some marijuana this morning,” despite it being nighttime when he called.

In the 38-second transcript of the call, obtained Tuesday by Portland television station KATU, the man remains calm and polite as he asks “Where could I buy some marijuana this morning?”

Officers with the Hillsboro Police Department went to check in on the man after he made the 911 call, which you can listen to here, on May 1.

While he asked about where he can buy marijuana “this morning,” he actually dialed 911 at 9:41 p.m.

This is how the call went down:

Man: Where can I get some marijuana?

Dispatcher: Excuse me?

Man: Where can I buy some marijuana this morning?

Dispatcher: Do you realize you called the police department?

Man: No I didn’t. That’s very interesting. Well, let me ask you the same question. It’s a legitimate question.

Dispatcher: Which question is that?

Man: Where can I buy some marijuana this morning?

Dispatcher: I would have no idea, sir.

Man: You would have no idea. OK, thank you.

The caller was likely not arrested or charged with any crime, as Oregon was the first U.S. state to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis, and it was one of the first to authorize its use for medical use.