Man Plays Pokemon in NYC
A man plays the augmented reality mobile game "Pokemon Go" in New York City. REUTERS/Mark Kauzlarich

Avid Pokémon GO players may be rounding out their Pokedexes quite well right about now. They may know now that Pikachu is surprisingly easy to locate in a thunderstorm. Maybe they have incubated some eggs to catch some pocket monsters that, rumor has it, only spawn on specific continents.

But, unless they’ve struck some version of Pokémon GO gold (like, the element, not the Gameboy game), Mew and Mewtwo have proved elusive. As have other legendary Pokémon. So, what’s the deal and where can you find them?

So far, the answer to that question is unknown but there is some good evidence that, at some point at least, you’ll be able to capture those Pokémon at some point. Here’s the best proof you will probably find that at least five legendary Pokémon will be available: Some of your fellow gamers dug through the coding for the game and found the names of five legendary Pokémon that nobody seems to be finding in (augmented) real life.

So what does that mean? Well, just like the fact that you can only catch the first generation of Pokémon in the game so far, it seems likely that the folks at Nintendo are waiting on rolling out other options. The game isn’t even out in every country they hope to reach, so updates may be on their way.

As to where you’ll find them, there’s at least one good theory on where to find Mew. In Pokémon Red and Blue for Gameboy, EliteDaily notes, a journal on Cinnibar Island told gamers that a mysterious Pokémon can be found deep in the jungle of Guyana, South America. That Pokémon is Mew.

Whether or not you’ll have to take a trip to Guyana isn’t unknown. Maybe Nintendo will play nice and let you find Mew in any jungle.