WASHINGTON - The White House said on Monday it was reviewing options to spur economic activity and job creation, but stressed any action would be taken in the context of the fiscal challenges facing the country.

We're going to work with members of Congress to try to come up with sensible and reasonable measures that might spur economic growth. I know those conversations continue, White House press spokesman Robert Gibbs told a daily news briefing.

Before we can create jobs we have to have economic growth that is on the positive side of the ledger, Gibbs said, noting that the economy only began growing again in the third quarter, after suffering the worst recession in 70 years.

President Barack Obama's public approval rating has been hurt by soaring U.S. unemployment which, at 10.2 percent, now stands at a generation-high and could yet get worse.

Obama will host a jobs forum on December 3 to brainstorm what else can be done to boost employment, but said last week that he was wary of adding to the country's record deficit from fear this may trigger a double-dip recession.

(Reporting by Alister Bull; Editing by Vicki Allen)