Jessica Dorrell was the student athlete development coordinator for the University of Arkansas football team until April 1 when she was thrust into the spotlight as the mistress of head coach Bobby Petrino.

She only began working directly for Petrino's team late in the month of March after she was chosen among a pool of more than 150 applicants for the position in what athletic director Jeff Long called an unusually quick hiring process.

Prior to that, Dorrell was a fundraiser for the Razorback Foundation, a group that collects donations for the Arkansas athletic department.

The 25-year-old Aledo,Texas-native was also a student athlete. Dorrell spent four years as an outside hitter for the Arkansas volleyball team, earning All-SEC honors as a senior in 2007.

Dorrell was riding with Petrino when his motorcycle went off State Highway 16, spun around, and ended up in a ditch, buried in a pile of tree limbs.

She was not injured in the wreck, but Petrino broke ribs, injured a vertebra in his neck and had multiple bumps, bruises and cuts from the accident. Dorrell managed to flag down a passing car, which took Dorrell to her car and Petrino to the hospital before police arrived.

But she was named as a passenger on the motorcycle in the police report, which triggered the growing interest in her role with Petrino.

According to Long, the relationship between Dorrell and Petrino lasted for a significant time, and that Petrino had given her $20,000 of his own money at one point in time as a gift.

Dorrell was engaged to another member of the athletics coaching staff, Josh Morgan, who works with the swimming and diving team, but she reportedly called off the wedding just prior to the scandal becoming public.

Despite initial reports that Morgan had resigned his position at the school, a spokesman for the university confirmed he was still an employee as of Wednesday, though it is unclear of what capacity.

On Saturday, the Associated Press tracked down a friend and former teammate of Dorrell's who said that she was in safe mode -- hiding from the massive attention of the past week.

Dorrell has not been seen in public since the accident, and has not made any public statements.

She has, however, retained a lawyer, and might be able to sue Arkansas for sexual harassment. Under the school's sexual harassment policy, even consensual sexual relationships between faculty and their students or between supervisors and their employees in some instances may result in charges of sexual harassment.

It is unlikely that she will keep her job with Arkansas. Long has stated that there is an investigation that is looking into her hiring.