After a bombshell was dropped on the intelligence world with the revelation that CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus was having an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, more details are emerging about Broadwell’s husband, Dr. Scott Broadwell.

Scott Broadwell, 43, has not commented about the affair his wife was having with Petraeus, which reportedly came to light after Jill Kelley, a woman whom Paula Broadwell viewed as a rival for the CIA director’s affection and an acquaintance of Petraeus, made an FBI complaint about her. Kelley claimed Broadwell sent her “harassing” e-mails that led to the FBI probe that uncovered the affair.

Scott Broadwell, a radiologist, met Paula, 40, in Germany, when they both served in the military, according to The Week.

The couple have two young sons and live in Dilworth, a tony section of Charlotte, N.C., according to the Charlotte Observer.

The Broadwells have lived in various locales throughout their married life and moved to Charlotte about three years ago, according to the New York Times. The outlet said Scott Broadwell took a job as a radiologist with a medical group in the city.

News of the affair broke as the Broadwells were reportedly celebrating Paula’s 40th birthday in Virginia, according to New York magazine.

Paula Broadwell described herself and her husband Scott as “adventure junkies” in the Observer piece, written about the author’s effort to chronicle the general’s life.

In an interview with the newspaper, Paula Broadwell said her husband took care of her kids so she can do research on the Petraeus book.

As news of the sex scandal broke, neighbors said the Broadwells lived an idyllic life in Charlotte. They said Paula Broadwell would serve family dinners and described her as a friendly neighbor.

“It wasn’t uncommon to look in their dining room at night and see the candles lit as they were eating,” Sarah Curme, a neighbor and friend of Paula Broadwell, told The New York Times. “Nobody put Paula on a pedestal; it was more about Paula the neighbor, the mom and the wife than it was about everything else she did.”

Journalist Vernon Loeb, who helped Broadwell write the Petraeus book, titled “All In,” said she was surprised Paula Broadwell was able to take on the book because of her strong family life.

“It's audacious that she even attempted this,” Loeb told the Observer. “Here she has two young kids, a husband who's a doctor, and yet ... she's writing a book of this magnitude and hardly breaking a sweat.”

The affair has put a wrench in plans made by neighbors of the Broadwells, who wanted to help Paula celebrate the release of the book.

“We’ve been trying to have a book party for her and invite some people from the neighborhood,” said Ed Williams, a retired editorial page editor for the Observer. “We talked about doing it in early December. I’m not so sure that’s going to go on now.”