Samantha Scheibe was thrust into the public spotlight as the girlfriend of George Zimmerman, when authorities arrested Trayvon Martin’s killer Monday after a domestic violence incident at the Apopka, Fla., home shared by the couple.

Scheibe, 27, called 911 on Monday afternoon, claiming Zimmerman had pointed a gun in her face. Zimmerman was arrested on domestic violence charges and his bail was set Tuesday at $9,000.

Scheibe told a 911 dispatcher that Zimmerman was “in my house breaking on my s--- because I asked him to leave. He has his freakin’ gun, breaking all of my stuff right now,” according to the call released by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Zimmerman also got on the phone with 911 to tell his side of the story, claiming he didn’t want to rile up his girlfriend because she was pregnant. Authorities later disputed Zimmerman's assertion and said Scheibe was not pregnant.

“She told me that it was better if she’s pregnant with our child and she told me it was better if we co-parented and she raised the child on her own,” Zimmerman says on the 911 call. He claimed he agreed to leave the home but that Scheibe “just completely changed” and started smashing and breaking his belongings.

Here are a few things to know about Samantha Scheibe:

1. She’s keeping a low profile on social media after the incident

Scheibe changed her profile picture to a blank white box on her Facebook account. She also hasn’t posted any tweets on her Twitter account, where Zimmerman’s brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr., is among the users she’s following.

2. She was warned about getting into a relationship with George Zimmerman

Friends of Scheibe feared there would be problems between her and Zimmerman. “I think we all knew something like this might happen,” a friend who identified herself only as Olivia told the Daily Mail. “'We would all talk about where the relationship was going, and we knew it would end badly. He is just a time bomb waiting to go off. Look at all the run-ins he has had with police and his family. He has big issues.”

3. She met Zimmerman through a high school friend

Wesley Richardson, a classmate of Scheibe’s, is her connection to Zimmerman. During a September dispute at Zimmerman’s rented home in Lake Mary, Fla., Richardson insisted that Scheibe was not Zimmerman’s girlfriend.

“Samantha and I are friends from high school since 2000. We’re all friends,” he told the Daily Mail at the time.

Authorities were called to the home after Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, claimed he threatened her and her father. Although charges were not filed, Shellie Zimmerman did file for divorce soon after.