The six foot tall, 42 year-old mother of two leaped up from her chair and into the spotlight yesterday as she defended her husband, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, from a pie-throwing assailant.

Deng's lightning reflexes didn't quite stop the pie, nor did her attempted slaps meet the pie-thrower's face, but nevertheless, she proved her protective instincts towards her husband in the courtroom.

Murdoch was nearing the end of more than two hours of questioning when there was a sudden commotion. Deng, who was seen nodding off and idly frowning throughout the proceedings, sprang awake as a woman cried no,no,no while the shaving-cream assailant, wearing black combat trousers, walked up to Murdoch, took aim, and struck.

According to eyewitnesses, Deng first swung a slap at the man, and then tossed the pie back.

Her actions sent Twitterers into a frenzy after reports that Deng laughed I got him while swinging a right hook at the pie man.

But who is Wendi Deng?

From middle class China to marrying one of the world's most powerful men, Deng has led an interesting life. Her father is a member of the Chinese Communist Party, and she is married to a rich lao wai (foreigner) decades older than herself.

Deng, is an enigma. Her face graces gossip magazines. She is often pictured with Rupert Murdoch, chairman and CEO of News Corp, in attendance. Much has been written about her supposed role in the latest Murdoch family squabble, but very little else is known about her.

She is the third wife of Murdoch and they married in 1999 after Murdoch divorced his second wife of 32 years. Murdoch met Deng when she was working for Star TV, his beachhead in Greater China. Together, they have two daughters, Grace (born in 2001) and Helen (born in 2003).

Unlike other rich wives, Deng shuns Manhattan's social circuit, and is rarely seen out aside from small gatherings.

Here's a look at Wendi Deng's shining moment at Tuesday's hearing in London:

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