As the nation continues to struggle with supply chain issues, labor shortages and inflation, shopping for a Christmas tree this holiday season might not be easy.

Supply chain woes aren’t the only thing plaguing tree shopping this year, as climate change is also affecting the market.

“It’s a double whammy,” American Christmas Tree Association director Jami Warner said. “Weather and supply chain problems are really hampering the industry… “Growers have been hard hit by floods, fires, smoke, drought, extreme weather conditions.”

Shopping for artificial trees also might prove to be difficult, as labor shortages are delaying shipments and rising costs. Artificial tree seller Balsam Hill's products cost around 20% more this season, with less variety to offer, according company CEO Caroline Tuam.

Warner said there is no need for panic, however, as “there will be a Christmas tree both real and artificial for everyone who wants to celebrate with one. It just may not be the exact kind, size or color you want.”

CEO of National Tree Company Chris Butler said that shoppers could see a price increase of 25% as transportation costs are also on the rise.


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