In an article posted in the editorial of Rolling Stone magazine, Al Gore has come down heavily on President Barack Obama's approach to the climate crisis scare. The Article titled, Climate of Denial: Can science and the truth withstand the merchants of poison?, says President Obama has failed to use the bully pulpit to make the case for bold action on climate change.

The former Vice-President and Nobel Prize winner's 8-page article begins with an analogy to mock at people who ask the question is it real? about global warming. Obama has been the target of criticism from the Republicans. Earlier, his predecessor George W. Bush had been criticized by Democrats for not doing much about climate change.

Al Gore's criticism begins with a balancing act of empathizing with Obama, saying the conditions were tough when he took charge. Anyone who honestly examines the incredible challenges confronting President Obama when he took office has to feel enormous empathy for him: the Great Recession, with the high unemployment and the enormous public and private indebtedness it produced; two seemingly interminable wars; an intractable political opposition whose true leaders - entertainers masquerading as pundits - openly declared that their objective was to ensure that the new president failed; a badly broken Senate that is almost completely paralyzed by the threat of filibuster and is controlled lock, stock and barrel by the oil and coal industries; a contingent of nominal supporters in Congress who are indentured servants of the same special interests that control most of the Republican Party; and a ferocious, well-financed and dishonest campaign poised to vilify anyone who dares offer leadership for the reduction of global-warming pollution.

Al Gore says that initially Obama was not 'really' a failure in climate control front: In spite of these obstacles, President Obama included significant climate-friendly initiatives in the economic stimulus package he presented to Congress during his first month in office.

There ends the pat on the shoulder for the President and Al Gore blatantly says: After successfully passing his green stimulus package, he did nothing to defend it when Congress decimated its funding. The rest of the article, more or less criticized every single bit of climate control policiy that were put in the back burner during Obama's rule.

Why does Al Gore sound superficial?

A significant section of people don't take Al Gore's arguments in its face value, deeming him a hypocrite mostly because of reported instances where he was caught committing environment-unfriendly acts. 

Going back to the 1992 election campaign, a Nashville television station got hold of footage proving the existence of a dump filled with aluminum cans, old tires, and filters of waste oil - a dump Gore insisted did not exist - on the property owned by Gore's father. The close proximity of the dump to a river suggested that it was an environmental hazard.

In March 1996, the Denver Water Department released an extra 96 million gallons of water - enough for 300 families for a year - to improve the backdrop for a campaign photo-op for Gore in front of the South Platte River.

Though Gore has long been against logging the old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest, shortly after being sworn in as Vice President, he added a verandah made of old-growth redwood and Douglas fir to the Vice President's mansion, according to MIT Tech edition.

Gore's speeches are worth $100,000 and there have been reports which say that Al Gore could become world's first 'Carbon Millionaire'.