Kate Middleton and Prince William’s daughter, Princess Charlotte, started nursery school last week, and she’s been excelling at Willocks Nursery School.

But fans of the royal family are wondering why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did not enroll Princess Charlotte at Prince George’s school, Thomas’s Battersea.

A royal source told People, “They chose that nursery because they thought it would be an ideal first step for Charlotte’s education and they were impressed by the team who work there.”

Willocks Nursery School is also located close to London’s Royal Albert Hall, while Prince George’s school requires longer commute.

Meanwhile, Prince George started nursery school when he was also 2-years-old, but he went to a Montessori school that’s close to his family’s home.

Another difference between Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s education was that the 4-year-old attended Montessori on a part-time basis. Princess Charlotte, on the other hand, is attending school on a full-time basis.

A source said that Princess Charlotte did not have a hard time adjusting to her school life. “She’s very sweet and very confident – she’s always chatting away,” the source told People.

At a young age, Princess Charlotte is also able to speak two languages. Since her nanny, Maria Turrion Borrallo, is from Spain, she has picked up some Spanish phrases from her. However, the young princess cannot really use the Spanish phrases in school.

Additionally, another source said that Princess Charlotte has “beautiful manners” and “is so polite, but also fun and energetic.”

Middleton and Prince William paid $12,000 for an entire year’s worth of education at Willocks Nursery School. The institution, run by headmistress Lavinia Taylor, prides itself in being a “traditional nursery school with high standards, excellence and good manners.”

Prior to her first day of school on Jan. 8, Willocks Nursery Shool released a statement expressing their excitement over the toddler’s admission.

“We look forward to welcoming Charlotte to our nursery in January,” they said in a statement (via the Express).