Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) champion CM Punk on Tuesday revealed that he won't appear on Wednesday night's backstage episode. The American fighter also added that he would be present for next week's episode though. 

The news came as a minor setback for the WWE Universe as the fans were waiting for a confrontation between CM Punk and Seth Rollins, who is expected to appear on WWE Backstage on FS1 on Wednesday. 

CM Punk, who has signed a contract with Fox as WWE's backstage analyst and special contributor, has mentioned Rollins quite a few times on the show. Just last week, during RAW, the crowd mocked Rollins by mentioning CM Punk. The former Universal champion got frustrated and challenged a match against CM Punk. 

Reportedly, the incident left WWE's executive and promoter Vince McMahon upset since Rollins is not in their title script and CM Punk is yet to make his WWE comeback. Moreover, the latter is a babyface and if a match between the two has to be conducted, that can only occur at WrestleMania 36.

After being away for six long years, CM Punk surprised the WWE Universe by making a sudden appearance on a Tuesday night's WWE Backstage. Ever since that, his return to the ring is being contemplated.

One of the fighters to react soon was none other than Seth Rollins, who tweeted to CM Punk saying, "Fight me @CMPunk."

Earlier, WWE Vice President Triple H also dropped a slight hint at CM Punk's possible return to the ring. When asked about CM Punk's return, Triple H had insisted that he was open for business with him. 

"That's a 'could be'. Vince will say it all the time: 'We're open for business'. The past is passed, today is today and you never say never in WWE," Triple H said of CM Punk's return.