The internet found itself a new crush in Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after shirtless photos of the 45-year-old world leader showing off his affinity for sports involving physical contact, like wrestling, went viral across Twitter throughout February and the first week of March.

The photos have been spreading online for years. But since Twitter just can't ever seem to get enough, the inevitable question has arose: will the world ever get to see the rest of Trudeau?

Despite never receiving any sort of confirmation or inclination to assume the possibility, Twitter users and media outlets alike have long-rumored a nude photo shoot is in the progressive leader’s future. The possibility of naked Trudeau photos surfacing online, though entirely fake news, made international headlines in 2016 when the popular LGBT blog Pink News created an April Fools hoax purporting to have a big scoop about the prime minister.

"Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is reportedly planning to take part in a nude photoshoot for a gay magazine, to raise awareness of body issues and testicular cancer," the site wrote in an article published April 1, 2016, titled "Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to pose nude for gay mag’s body image campaign."

"The prime minister wants to set a new tone of public engagement around health issues – and he feels taking part in this long-running campaign is just one of the ways he can contribute to the discussion," the site claimed a source close to Trudeau said at the time.

Much to the dismay of the worldwide web, the article ends with an update: "Happy April Fools Day."

While several tabloid sites repeatedly claim Trudeau nudes have leaked online, the prime minister has enjoyed a tenure in office free of any major scandals since first being elected to the Canadian Parliament in 2013 and eventually becoming the leader of the Canadian Liberal party in 2013.

So, next time rumors of nude Trudeau photos surfacing online make headlines, check the sources. It may just be wishful thinking.