UFC 207 saw former champion Ronda Rousey suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of reigning bantamweight star Amanda Nunes of Brazil in a fight that lasted under a minute. The loss led to speculation over the future of the California-native’s fighting career.

The 29-year-old Rousey was routed in what was deemed as one of mixed-martial arts’ most anticipated comebacks. Nunes plastered the former champion with punch after punch, causing referee Herb Dean to intervene and end the fight in 48 seconds. Rousey showed a distinct lack of defense.

Following the fight, Nunes made a strong statement about how it's time for fans to forget Rousey. Nunes said, “I love that because I can show this up. I stop it like that. When I asked for this fight I know everything. I prepare in my mind, my spirit and body for this moment. I know Ronda Rousey is bigger. I know they love  Ronda Rousey. But no one is taking this belt from me.”

Rousey did not make a statement after the loss that came 13 months after fellow American Holly Holm knocked her out in Melbourne, Australia.

Speculation over her retirement was rife even before UFC 207 as Rousey hinted at quitting during her appearance on  Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show last month.

“This is definitely one of my last fights,” Rousey said. “Everybody better watch because the show isn’t going to last forever.”

“I think it’s more the buildup that’s more tiring than anything else,” Rousey added. “It’s the weeks and weeks of buildup beforehand. You know you’re going to fight this one person, and it’s like your showdown, and the most important thing in your whole life, and then millions of people are watching… If it just happened right now, I wouldn’t be nervous at all.”

UFC president Dana White recently conceded that the former champion did not have too much time left in the octagon and that she was exploring other spheres like acting.

There has been no statement from Rousey’s camp but the Las Vegas defeat Friday could take a toll on the UFC star’s future plans in mixed-martial arts and cause her to opt for retirement.