Yemen's president, Ali Abdullah Saleh called for an early presidential elections, without mention anything about the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) deal which had promised to end his three-decade rule.

We call for holding an early presidential election in democratic way and for peaceful power transition to avoid bloodshed, Saleh said.

Yemen has been witnessing unrest with anti-government protests demanding prosecution of Saleh for the last three months.

Saleh had promised to sign on the GCC deal as a party and not as a President but he had refused it altogether later
A Saudi diplomat in Sanaa said the GCC-mediated deal has apparently fell through after GCC chief Abdullatif al-Zayani left Sanaa on Wednesday evening following Saleh's the second time refusal to sign it. We have been tipped that Saleh is gearing up for exploding a military war, and what the ruling party has announced that Saleh would ink the GCC deal on Sunday is one of Saleh's maneuver to gain more time, reports said.