It is common courtesy to tip at least 15 to 20 percent of a meal’s total when it comes to food service. However, one Canadian grandmother took it to an entirely different level this week when she accidentally gave a food delivery person the largest tip they had likely ever seen.

The Calgary woman ordered food delivery from an establishment called Fritou Fried Chicken, a meal that ultimately came out to $74 CAD. When it was time to tip the delivery person for their services, the grandmother made a mistake and accidentally left an annual salary’s worth of money in the form of a $60,000 CAD tip.

That comes out to about $46,000 USD. The woman’s granddaughter shared a photo of the receipt on Twitter, getting hundreds of likes in the process.

The woman probably “pressed too many numbers without realizing,” according to FOX-26. Fortunately, the mistake was noticed before the transaction went through and nobody was forced to pony up $60,000 for some fried chicken.

Accidental huge tips happen from time to time, almost always generating headlines in the process. Earlier this month, a woman mistakenly left a $10,000 tip at a kebab shop in Zurich, Switzerland, on a meal that totaled around $31.

In 2016, a man in Scotland ate a three-course meal at an Indian restaurant and left a tip of about $1.3 million USD by mistake at the conclusion of his meal, according to the Evening Express. He had to call up his bank and cancel the transaction, naturally.

Not every huge tip is accidental, however. Last year, a 26-year-old waitress with two children in Chicago got an $11,000 tip from a magnanimous businessman after he heard about her plight, according to ABC News.

money In this photo illustration, twenty and five dollar bills are displayed on Aug. 29, 2017 in San Anselmo, California. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images