A woman in Tel Aviv, Israel, threw away a mattress without knowing it had nearly $1 million padded inside that her mother had saved over the years.

The woman, who called herself Annat, told Israel Army Radio that she bought a new mattress for her mother and replaced it with the old one without telling her. The day after her mother told her of the misfortune, she began the search for the mattress but that trash trucks had already taken it away.

She then continued the search at the city's dump but since Monday she has found no success, according to media reports.

It's a very, very sad story but I've been through worse, she told Army Radio, according to a CNN report today. It's a matter of proportions in life ... people need to know how to accept the good and the bad in life.

The dump site manager and his workers are helping her to find it and trying to increase security because many people are trying to find the mattress for themselves, according to reports.