With the first weekend of the MLB season coming to a close, many might be looking far down the road for how things might look in October. Most of the usual suspects are expected to be back in the World Series hunt.

Of the 10 teams that reached the 2017 postseason, only the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks failed to crack the top 10 from oddsmakers. According to betting site Vegas Insider, last season's World Series teams — the champion Houston Astros and the National League champion Los Angeles Dodgers — share the best odds at 11/2. The Astros have 5/2 odds to advance out of the American League, while the Dodgers have 12/5 odds to win another NL pennant.

The Astros and Dodgers' World Series odds are followed closely behind by the two teams that reached the league championship series, with the New York Yankees listed at 6/1 and the Chicago Cubs at 7/1.

Both the Yankees and Cubs made some big offseason moves. The Yankees acquired superstar slugger Giancarlo Stanton while the Cubs landed starting pitcher Yu Darvish.

Also in contention are the Cleveland Indians (8/1), Washington Nationals (9/1) and the Boston Red Sox (11/1). There is a sharp dropoff after the first seven teams, as the Minnesota Twins and St. Louis Cardinals are both 20/1 longshots.

Oddsmakers have little faith in the Detroit Tigers and Miami Marlins. Both clubs have 500/1 odds.

At the start of the 2017 season, the Astros had the seventh-best odds at 14/1, while the Dodgers had the third-best odds at 9/1.

World Series Betting Odds (Vegas Insider)

Houston Astros, 11/2

Los Angeles Dodgers, 11/2

New York Yankees, 6/1

Chicago Cubs, 7/1

Cleveland Indians, 8/1

Washington Nationals, 9/1

Boston Red Sox, 10/1

Minnesota Twins, 20/1

St. Louis Cardinals, 20/1

Los Angeles Angels, 25/1

New York Mets, 25/1

Milwaukee Brewers, 30/1

Arizona Diamondbacks, 35/1

Toronto Blue Jays, 35/1

Colorado Rockies, 50/1

San Francisco Giants, 50/1

Seattle Mariners, 50/1

Philadelphia Phillies, 80/1

Pittsburgh Pirates, 120/1

Baltimore Orioles, 175/1

Atlanta Braves, 200/1

Chicago White Sox, 200/1

Oakland Athletics, 200/1

Tampa Bay Rays, 200/1

Texas Rangers, 200/1

Cincinnati Reds, 300/1

San Diego Padres, 300/1

Kansas City Royals, 450/1

Detroit Tigers, 500/1

Miami Marlins, 500/1

AL Pennant Betting Odds

Houston Astros, 5/2

New York Yankees, 3/1

Cleveland Indians, 13/4

Boston Red Sox, 6/1

Los Angeles Angels, 12/1

Minnesota Twins, 12/1

Toronto Blue Jays, 17/1

Seattle Mariners, 25/1

Baltimore Orioles, 90/1

Chicago White Sox, 100/1

Oakland Athletics, 100/1

Tampa Bay Rays, 100/1

Texas Rangers, 100/1

Detroit Tigers, 250/1

Kansas City Royals, 250/1

NL Pennant Betting Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers, 12/5

Chicago Cubs, 16/5

Washington Nationals, 4/1

St. Louis Cardinals, 9/1

New York Mets, 12/1

Milwaukee Brewers, 15/1

Arizona Diamondbacks17/1

Colorado Rockies25/1

San Francisco Giants, 25/1

Philadelphia Phillies, 40/1

Pittsburgh Pirates, 55/1

Atlanta Braves, 100/1

Cincinnati Reds, 150/1

San Diego Padres, 150/1

Miami Marlins, 250/1

Oddsmakers like the Dodgers' chances of returning to the World Series. Getty