Illustration shows Iran's and U.S.' flags


  • The analyst said he has believed for years that Iran would be the one to usher in a new world war
  • He said the threat of World War III comes as Iran is empowered by China and Russia
  • Iran previously engaged with secret talks with China, Russia to replenish its supply of materials used to make missiles

A third world war will likely start in the Middle East and the United States will likely be unprepared for the conflict, a geopolitical analyst has suggested.

Speaking to, geopolitical analyst Brandon Weichert said he has, for years, believed that Iran will usher in a new world war and not Ukraine, which is currently being invaded by Russia; or Taiwan, which is locked in a tense relationship with China amid Beijing's goal to "reunify" with the self-governed island.

"It has been my contention for several years now that the threat of World War III will come not from either Ukraine or Taiwan. But it will emanate from an Iran that is empowered by its allies in Beijing and Moscow. That is precisely what is happening," he said.

He also warned that the United States may see itself scrambling to respond to Iran's threat and find itself battling with inadequate resources to achieve victory in case of conflict as it tried to contain Russian and Chinese aggression in Ukraine and Taiwan, respectively.

"Everyone--including President Biden himself--favor the combination of absolute US withdrawal from the region coupled with the acceptance of a nuclear-arming Iran to purported balance against nuclear-armed Israel and the nearly-nuked-up Saudi Arabia and Sunni Arab community," Weichert told the outlet.

"Not only will this ensure greater conflict rather than deter it, but it will likely also suck the US into an actual World War III scenario at precisely the moment it does not have the capability, resources, or will (let alone leadership) to achieve victory in such a conflict," he continued.

Weichert's remarks come after it was revealed that Iran was engaged in advanced secret talks with both China and Russia to replenish its supply of ammonium perchlorate, or AP, which is the main ingredient used to power ballistic missiles, POLITICO reported, citing diplomats familiar with the discussions.

Prior to the talks, Iran was accused of supplying Russia with kamikaze drones to use in the war in Ukraine. Tehran has also been accused of transferring technology to Moscow to help it manufacture the drones on Russian soil.

Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi is expected to hold private talks with his Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping in the capital Beijing